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Fairy-tale Hero method 

Fairy-Tale Hero method is a complex method of story diagnostics and therapy

The psychological and professional background of the method is identical to one of the psychological mechanisms of personality protection involved in the creation of works of art, projection. This is an unconscious psychological process that can be made conscious through the use of a self-written story, which is based on the special story-telling instructions that form the basis of the method. It fulfils one of the shortcomings and problems of Carl Gustav Jung's work, namely that it requires conscious awareness of archetypes in order to give them content. Desires, emotions, psychological problems, fears, all the life events and other events that everyone experiences can appear among them. The narratives can be processed and analysed from several points of view using narrative psychology methods. The measured variables are suitable for both qualitative and quantitative processing. The psychodiagnostic construct of the method corresponds to the criteria of projective tests. It is suitable for personality diagnostics, for multivariate analysis, for counselling and as a main or complementary and supportive tool for therapeutic activities, thanks to the professional knowledge that can be built on it. Its therapeutic tools and methodologies can be adapted to the personality, mental disorders, level, psychological burden and stress of the client.


What does it take to be happy?

We believe that not only solving problems, but also dealing with everyday events with a different perspective, emotions, feelings and awareness is essential to bring the personality, traits and life of a person into harmony. A healthy personality, personality traits that are in harmony with it and with the way of life, are essential for happiness. The Story Hero Method is a suitable tool for mental health care and counselling.

The scientific nature of the Fairy-tale Hero  method?

The professional, scientific basis of the Story Hero method, its suitability for counselling and for the detection and treatment of certain mental disorders is confirmed by case studies, university theses, workshops and research based on small samples of several hundred people. Its theoretical background, its application practice, its group results measured on a non-representative sample, its verification by case studies have been presented at several scientific and professional conferences (e.g. MPT National Scientific Assembly 2015, 2017).


Fairy-tale Hero method, the vision of tale therapy?

Historical and statistical data and facts prove that a part of humanity has needed psychological support and treatment throughout its development. Its characteristics can be defined. The large number of people with mental disorders, the varying content and timing of these disorders, the problems of mentally healthy people and the lack of a public health solution to these problems are still a problem today. Around 50% of people in need in economically developed countries and 80% in the world's less developed countries lack access to care. The number of professionals and the cost of running care organisations is disproportionately low compared to the number of people in need and high compared to their effectiveness. A further problem is the intergenerational interaction and cumulation of certain mental illnesses due to the lack of care. Did you know, for example, that the behavioural and lifestyle patterns of parents with depression or persistent illness are passed on through upbringing and the early traumatisation of their children? This process is a common cause of the development and generational 'inheritance' of childhood mental disorders and psychopathologies. The WHO's Action Plan 2013-2030 calls for a change in care, making it community-based. The need for change, its objectives and the need to use new methods have already been accepted by the psychological organisations of 43 countries.


 This brings us to the future. The emergence and scientifically proven results of many new methods of community care have shown that there is a great need for spiritual and other supportive care, care and supportive help based on specific methodologies. The most recent, now scientifically proven, solution is the involvement and services of a small number of professionally trained, guided, supervised and controlled by a small number of specialists, e.g. psychologists etc., and a large number of specialised counsellors and therapists. These can include, and already include, those who have learnt and applied the scientifically proven methods of our or other training organisations. 


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